Unlock Your Essential Self

Integral Awakening sessions help bring to the surface the blockages in your nervous system, mind, and energy system, to help you more deeply align with your essential energy.


Collin's depth of presence and warm awareness allows for a healing container in which new realizations and a deeper sense of safety can arise.

Verbal guidance, energetic attunement, and intuitive healing will inform your healing journey in these 60 or 90 minute sessions.

 60-Min Integral Awakening Session

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 90-Min Integral Awakening Session

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"Eternally grateful to you and feel blessed to have been in your presence, even removed. You are a brilliant man and healer. I am beginning my journey to go inside myself, plus, plus."

Jennifer B.

"I can honestly say that I “feel” such a difference in myself in a short period of time. I’m starting to feel like ME!"

Shiela S. 

“The bottom line is I wouldn’t be in this place if you hadn’t worked with me and helped me heal some very, very deep soul trauma.  I am immensely grateful, appreciative and wanted you to know what an impact you make on other’s lives."

Rebecca R.